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A staple in Ghanaian households, Nina's BAWDY BUFFAH (aka The Sapor Sponge) is one of the first steps in total skincare! Every member of my family and I have been using this cloth from our first day on earth.

Using Nina's Bawdy Buffah, is a time-tested and effective way to improve skin health. It is known for its exfoliating and cleansing properties, which can help to remove impurities and excess oils from the skin.

Our Buffah's are naturally antimicrobial, which means they help to fight off bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can lead to breakouts and other skin problems.

The Bawdy Buffah helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother and softer skin. It helps to improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and prevent ingrown hairs. Long enough to allow you to easily reach your back and all areas of your body, it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Experience the benefits of a traditional Ghanaian skincare practices and exfoliate your BAWDY with Nina's Bawdy Buffah.

Add it to your skincare routine today and see the difference for yourself.

Size: Approximately (W)16 in x (L) 35 in

Material: Nylon

Product Disclaimer: Do Not use Nina's BAWDY BUFFAH on your face, don't ask why, because Nina said so that's why, and is the only answer I was ever given. If you suffer from any skin condition, please consult a healthcare professional prior to usage.

How to use: Wet BUFFAH and add a cap full of Nina's BAWDY WASH. Rub it together and bring to a lather.

Scrub your body in a circular motion.

Once the shower is complete, rinse the cloth thoroughly, remove excess water, and hang it to dry.

Care instructions: Clean prior to first use and repeat every two weeks. Simply dip in boiling water. Or sit in a bowl of three parts water, one part vinegar for 10 minutes.

Light Nylon fibers allow for quick drying and prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Origin: Ghana, West Africa

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